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It's not all about the food.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vietnam and Thailand, A Yummy Photo-Essay

First let me introduce you to our mascot for the trip, Bruce Wage. We first find Bruce eating a bowl of shrimp dumpling soup at the Cathay Pacific lounge in San Francisco.  A common theme on the trip was noodles for breakfast, one that I welcomed with open arms and mouth.


We move to Ho Chi Minh City where we find ourselves shuffling through the market, looking at the fresh foods.  Sadly I did not take a picture of the best dish I had in Saigon, which was essentially a crab and shrimp pho soup.

Refrigeration is for weenies

This guy fell out of his water

It took the lady about 10 seconds to skin and bone one eel

So much amazing fruit, the green ones at the bottom center are actually oranges


From Ho Chi Minh we moved on to Hoi An in the middle of the country on the coast.  Here we had an amazing time at the Green Bamboo cooking school with Mrs Van.

First we arrive at the Market

Mrs Van picking out snails, she didn't like them, but we insisted

Fresh greens and herbs, yum.

Cau Lau noodles at the market, a Hoi An specialty

After our morning at the market, we made our way to Mrs. Van's house to prepare our dishes.

Not really what you want to see on your honeymoon

Lemongrass, fresh turmeric, garlic, chilies and five spice

Beautiful prawns

Such a nice lady

Pork marinading for Cau Lau noodles

Vietnamese knife skills test

Serious business

Stir fried snails with garlic, lemongrass, turmeric, chilies

Tossing in some fresh vietnamese mint

a delish starter, great on shrimp crackers

Clay pot fish prepared by Pierre who was visiting from Lyon, France

This was the dish I made, stir fried squid

Mike from Portland stir fries some garlic chili shrimp with honey

Time for a gluttonous lunch!

Jill prepared this Cau Lau noodle dish from start to finish and it was amazing.


Still in Hoi An, at the market and around town.


Clams in lemongrass broth at a french restaurant, they even had Foie Gras

Vietnamese Turkey

The best banh mi we had in Vietnam was in Hoi An.  So good that we went back the next day for another one.

Bruce approves


 From Hoi An we move on to Ha Long Bay.

Our ship, The Dragons Pearl

Sadly the Vietnamese government made all the cruise lines paint their ships white

Hand carved from a pumpkin

The cave where we had a wonderful dinner our last night on the Bay


Finally we found ourselves in Bangkok where we found the street food to be more accessible.

These ladies only sell sticky rice with mango, so yum

I ate of this pork, it was amazing

Me eating of my pork

Taking a picture of my pork

Bruce and I attack a Red Snapper

Bruce wins


There was obviously more food eaten on our trip, we just didn't take pictures of all of it.  Soon we will add the rest of the picture from our adventure to the web for all to enjoy, until then here a few more random pictures.

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McDelivery, for when you can't be bothered to get off your ass for a Big Mac

Bruce enjoying Dim Sum at Hong Kong International

Lurking behind every bush in Vietnam and Thailand, The Colonel is quite popular over there.

Our drink of choice, fresh watermelon shake, add vodka for a good time

It's easy to know where you are in Vietnam, each city has it's own beer

Fresh coconut